What is a national identification card?

A national identity card is a portable document, typically a plasticized card with digitally-embedded information, that someone is required or encouraged to carry as a means of confirming their identity.


There are many ways you can get your National Identification Number, Look below and choose the most suitable way you may use to get your Nida number since its very importance for every citizen above 18 years to have it.

Method 1: 
Using USSD via Mobile Phones with Vodacom or Airtel SIM Cards

If you have a mobile handset with either Vodacom or Airtel SIM card then you can get National ID Number from NIDA through interactive USSD. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Dial *152*00#
  2. Select 3
  3. Then select 2
  4. Key in your full name (First, middle and surname eg. Dan John Sele)
  5. Key in your mobile phone number – the one used during registration for National ID.
  6. Accept paying the necessary charges

You will be notified via SMS your National ID Number if your records have been fully captured in the system. Otherwise you will get a SMS stating that your records were not found.

Method 2: 
Using NIDA’s website

If you have access to the internet then you might as well use your browser to get your National ID Number. I prefer this method because it allows you to print a copy of your National ID card as well. See how to print a copy of National ID card from NIDA in Tanzania for more details.

  1. Navigate to http://nida.go.tz
  2. Point to National Identity menu link
  3. Click on get National ID Number
  4. Key in your first name and surname
  5. Select your date of birth
  6. Key in first name and surname of your mother
  7. Click search

The browser will interact with NIDA’s database and present your National ID Number. Otherwise you might have made a minor mistake and will be asked to correct the details you just provided.

National ID NIDA Verification Portal is the system that developed by NIDA so as to easily for the people who register for national identity card so as to get ID number and Copy of ID while waiting for their actual ID. This system enable a person to get It’s National ID Number and Copy of ID without going to the NIDA offices.
This portal is for retrieving information from National ID Database. 

Intended users are
  • NIDA Stakeholders
  • National ID card owner.
Who uses this portal to set PIN CODE which shall be used to disclose his or her information when needed.
To get what you need from the system must fill required information correctly so as to retrieve your data from the system

Method 3: 
Visiting NIDA regional offices

This is the last, least preferred method of getting your National ID Number from NIDA. For those who have tried method one and did not get their National ID Number then they should try this third method. Here they will be supposed to visit any nearby NIDA regional office and provide their details.

The staff of NIDA will fetch the National ID Number from NIDA’s database. If your details are not in their database, they will advise your to fill registration form and go through the biometric scanning process

National Identification Authority (NIDA) is a public institution with a mandate of registering and issuing Secured National ID Cards to Citizen, Legal Residents and Refugees who are 18 years and above.
NIDA also manages National ID Database. Data stored in NIDA database is then
shared by NIDA stakeholders eg. Banks, Social Security funds for their customer Identifications processes.

NIDA Verification Portal  NIDA Online Copy. 
NIDA Verification Portal. The National Identification Authority (NIDA) is established by the National Identification Authority (Establishment) Instrument, 2008 with the mandate to Register and Issue Identity Cards to Tanzanian citizens and eligible residents who are non-citizens with the age of 18 years and above in accordance with the Registration and Identification of Persons Act, (Act No.11 of 1986) Revised Edition 2012.


Available Services are:
1. Self Service. This service is for citizens who want to request for their National Identification Number (NIN), Generate Control numbers for payments of ID replacements and print their bills.

2. Verification. This is for NIDA stakeholders who provide services to their customers by verifying customer information through NIDA database.

3. Reconciliation. This service allows NIDA stakeholders to download reconciliation files recorded during customer verification through CIG.

From September 2016 to date, NIDA has been Registering and Issuing Identity Cards to the eligible residents who are non-citizens in Dar es Salaam region and now, the exercise is officially extended to commence countrywide to all eligible residents who are non-citizens from 06th March, 2017.

With that regard, NIDA would like to inform all Legal Residents who resides in Tanzania for more than six months as per their residence permits from the date of issuance of this announcement to participate in Registration and Identification of persons exercise as required by law;

It is the duty of every eligible resident who is a non-citizen with the age of 18 years and above who is within the group of qualified legal residents to be registered as per his/her relevant documents, to apply for registration in the specified and nearest NIDA Office i.e NIDA District Office located in all districts country wide – Tanzania Mainland. According to the law, any person who contravenes or fails or refuses to comply with any provision commits an Offence.

Click below on the given links to get one of the service you need on getting your National Identification Number.