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Job description:

Overall Job Purpose:

To Manage the Electrical, Instrumentation, Automation and Control functions of the Engineering Department.

  • Give direction and strategies to the Electrical, Instrumentation, Automation and Control sections
  • Manage Projects.
  • Major Projects key interface
  • Drive department success through enhanced technical and technology functionality
  • Increased focus and support for critical technical functions
  • Technical oversight focus for the Electrical, Instrumentation, Automation and Control sections
  • Technical conscience for department

Specific Job Responsibilities:

  • Ensure risks are identified, Managed and a safe working environment is maintained
  • Ensure Maintenance activities are conducted in accordance with all statutory obligations.
  • Ensure all registered equipment operating in the mine is fully compliant with statutory regulations.
  • Ensure all operating plant is maintained in a safe condition.
  • Ensure all statutory inspections are included in the area yearly plans and oversee and develop the maintenance information system to ensure that data collection and validation supports operating and reporting requirements
  • Ensure statutory inspections are completed according to schedule
  • Providing reliability and Engineering support for Trident electrical, instrumentation, Automation and Control departments to improve equipment availability in order to achieve the strategic plans and objectives of the business
  • Developing and coordinating plant condition monitoring and inspection programs, making full use of available advances in Risk Based Integrity management systems and standards
  • Manage the electrical, Instrumentation and Software departments
  • Approve SWI’s and make sure it complies with the Zambian statutory regulations
  • To keep all electrical drawings updated / review

Job Specific Competencies:

Quality of Work

  • Carry out responsibilities to a high standard of quality and excellence related to accuracy, completeness and timeliness, with consideration of corporate and departmental objectives.


  • Communicate at a superior level, to clearly present/exchange/explain/receive/interpret information and influence/coach/negotiate to a successful conclusion. Adapt language or terminology to the needs of the audience. Speak confidently in public, delivering the message appropriately and with understanding of the audience, and respond to questions positively and with clarity. Maintain a high level of tact, diplomacy, self-control, confidentiality, and conduct oneself in a professional manner at all times.


  • Ensure successful completion of a variety of projects both departmentally and corporately. Show initiative and resourcefulness in developing business plans for departmental responsibilities in a creative and forward thinking manner. Apply innovative methods and solutions to situations through a continuous improvement mindset.


  • Demonstrate respect for department and corporate policies, procedures and timelines, accept accountability and responsibility for own actions and provide positive leadership and mentoring to others. Demonstrate high ethical standardsrespect for relevant legislation and Council directives and for employers’ property and corporate image.

Interpersonal Relations/Teamwork:

  • Exercise team building skills to build and maintain collaborative and cooperative departmental and corporate working environment both internal to the City and with external contacts; share information as necessary, demonstrate respect for individual differences and competencies.

Critical Thinking Skills:

  • Without bias, systematically obtain and assess relevant information, utilize reflective reasoning and take action in decision making, with a realistic understanding of the issues and the impact of decision on the department/corporation.
  • Must be computer literate i.e., MS Word, Excel, Outlook, MS Project.

Key Job Attributes:

  • Detailed knowledge of HSE systems and displays leadership in driving incident free operations Have good communication skills in the English language with an emphasis on writing skills.
  • Functional skills – The specific skills and experiences needed to deliver and accelerate in your current role and throughout your career.
  • Organizational skills – Having and using the knowledge of our organization’s systems, procedures, and culture to identify issues and/or opportunities and take action on them in a way that meets the needs of customers and magnifies your impact.
  • Actively listening – Knows what she/he doesn’t know; welcomes input from others; takes time to clearly understand and respond; allows people the time to express their point; open to influence.
  • Self-driven – “Sense of purpose”; driven by a higher agenda; demonstrates the ability to elevate and remain objective; able and willing to take risks and do difficult things.
  • Collaborating with others – Empowers purposeful engagement; “servant leader”; keeps things simple; engages individuals/team to achieve superior results; creates an atmosphere of value-driven outcomes.

Experience & Qualifications required to perform in this job:

  • Must have a Degree / Diploma in Electrical Engineering.
  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience in the Maintenance as Electrical Engineer and complex process plants.
  • Excellent track record in HSE reflected in experience and achievements.
  • Experience in Electrical Field, Power Line network, Chemical process plant.
  • Programming, Modification to software, Installation of software,
  • Highly development technical skills, including a thorough understanding of Electrical field / requirements and problem solving
  • Advanced problem solving and analytical skills
  • Highly self-motivated, conscientious, reliable and honest.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, work and interact with others in a dynamic environment.
  • Team oriented but also able to display initiative and work independently.
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