General Profile and Background

Since 2003, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria has supported the United Republic of Tanzania through a portfolio of 16 grants, funding health programs in the mainland and with a separate portfolio in Zanzibar. Currently, two Principal Recipients manage grant funds: Ministry of Finance and Planning on behalf of the Government of Tanzania and Amref Health Africa as civil society organization engaged in the health sector community work.

The Tanzania National Coordinating Mechanism (TNCM), housed under the Prime Minister’s Office, is a high-level Governance body whose mandate is to oversee resource mobilization and implementation of Global Fund (GF) supported programs to fight against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis (TB), and Malaria, as well as building Resilient and Sustainable Systems for Health (RSSH).

The TNCM is composed of multi-sectoral stakeholders categorized into three broad categories namely: State Actors (Government); Development Partners; and Non-State Actors (Civil Society Organizations). The inclusion of diverse stakeholders is aimed at including people with different interests and perspectives, thus increasing the probability of achieving measurable impact against the three diseases.

TNCM operates through two permanent committees namely: Management and Oversight. The TNCM with its two committees is assisted by a Secretariat that is responsible for running its affairs on a day-to-day basis and provide administrative support.

The TNCM is in the process of recruiting a full time Executive Secretary to manage and provide administrative, financial and technical support to the Tanzania National Coordinating Mechanism within the five TNCM functional areas.

The successful candidate will also be required to oversee that, consistence ethical conduct performance standards are maintained and expresses Global Fund and Government of Tanzania core values of integrity and professionalism, in carrying out assigned functions in order to contribute to the improved fulfilment of the Tanzania Grant objectives.


A: Main duties

  1. Support TNCM management and organization


  • Facilitate development of TNCM’S annual Operational Work Plan and Budget, and monitor its implementation.
  • Organize the overall operation and logistics support to TNCM and to its core components (i.e., Committees, Task Forces, and other components, as appropriate).
  • Assist Chair in convening TNCM meetings, record, finalize and circulate its minutes of meetings to all its members at least a week before the meeting.
  • Support follow up on key decisions/action points as noted in TNCM minutes of meetings and provide regular feedback on progress to TNCM.
  • Ensure secretarial support is provided to the Management Committee, Oversight Committee, and Task team; and facilitate follow up on key Committee/Task team decisions and provide feedback to TNCM.
  • Maintain and update TNCM’s governance manual and oversee application and compliance by all TNCM members, Secretariat Staff and relevant stakeholders.
  • Assist in the constitution and maintenance of TNCM membership including organization of elections for TNCM officials at the end of their terms in office; and facilitate the termination of membership whenever required.
  • Organize general orientation sessions for new TNCM members and their alternates as well as theme-specific capacity building sessions for TNCM members.

Coordinate and facilitate use of external and internal expertise by TNCM during life cycle of the grants.

  • Assist in the development of resource mobilization strategies, identify potential donors, and leverage additional financial resources to expand and enhance the Secretariat support to the TNCM overall activities.
  • Assist in organizing the regular evaluation of TNCM performance; develop TNCM annual report for presentation to the management committee, TNCM and to stakeholders.
  1. Support partnerships and harmonization of GF grants with other national programs and projects:
  • Assist in the development of partnerships and strategic linkages with other relevant stakeholders and health initiatives such as the Health Sector SWAp.
  • Assist in promoting alignment and integration of Global Fund programs with national strategies.
  • Obtain and update TNCM with important information to support harmonization endeavors and the inclusion of Global Fund activities in national results.
  • Assist in maintaining contacts and links with key TNCM constituencies to ensure their involvement and participation in all Global Fund- related activities.
  • Participate in national forums and workshops to share and promote the TNCM Oversight work on Global Fund – supported programs.
  • Assist in the development of strategic alliances between the TNCM and key Global Fund players at country level (LFA, PRs, SRs, etc.)
  1. Support country proposals development

Provide administrative and logistic support to the TNCM Proposal Development Task Team during the development of any proposal to the Global Fund.

Gather, centralize, and package relevant information on Global Fund proposal development guidelines and share with TNCM and Proposal Development Task Team members.

Support implementation of TNCM actions that ensure transparent and all -inclusive participation of stakeholders in proposal development.

Support, facilitate, and document (1) a transparent PR/SR selection process through calls for expressions of interest and (2) a transparent proposal review and appraisal process.

Coordinate and facilitate use of external and internal expertise by TNCM during the proposal writing process.

Support communication among TNCM member to obtain their approval and written endorsement before proposals are submitted to the Global Fund.

Coordinate TNCM and Proposal Development Task Team responses to TRP clarification questions and required.

Follow-up on any outstanding issue with regard to TRP clarifications.

  1. Support TNCM oversight of grant implementation, grant renewal and grant closure

Support collection of relevant information on in­country grant performance from PRs, the Global Fund and other information sources and undertake preliminary analyses of programmatic and financial information on grant performance.

Ensure timely submission of (draft Dashboards)/ summary grant performance reports to Oversight Committee for review during their regular oversight meetings.

Oversight Committee and follow up on Oversight Committee’s decisions.

Facilitate reporting and feedback by the Oversight Committee to the TNCM on grant performance, recording of TNCM decision on oversight, communicating and implementing those decisions.

Ensure field visit guidelines are developed, site visits are undertaken, and site visit reports are presented to the TNCM.

Record all key oversight actions, arising from periodic reports, from the review of information, from monitoring visits, and from other Global Fund information sources.

Liaise with development partners to obtain support for oversight, communicating and implementing those decisions.

Lead the grant renewal and grant closure process in accordance with Global Fund modalities, procedures, and guidelines.

Ensure that a TNCM oversight work plan and budget are developed and Incorporated as part of annual TNCM work plan.

  1. Support documentation, communication and engagement with TNCM constituencies:

Maintain custody of both soft and hard copies of all documents relating to the governance and functions of the TNCM, including maintaining past and current documentation of TNCM activities, proposal, and Grant performance, communications with the LFA and the GF and all Secretariat activities.

Support the Chair and Vice Chair in their communications and negotiations with the Global Fund, LFA AND OTHER DONORS.

Gather information and news from Global Fund, PRs and SRs to be shared with TNCM members.

Provide TNCM Members with Global Fund regular updates (new guidelines, new forms and formats, new policy decisions, newly released reports, etc)

Support regular and clear communication flow between TNCM and PR throughout life cycle of the grant.

Facilitate effective coordination and liaison with the stakeholder constituencies and their representatives at the TNCM.

Support TNCM members to provide effective feedback to their constituencies and collect constituency view and concerns for presentation to the TNCM.

Support involvement of TNCM constituencies members and other non- TNCM members in affairs of the Global Fund grants.

Any other duties as requested by the TNCM Chair:

Represent the TNCM chair (as necessary) on key national and international events and forums related to health sector programming and implementation.

B: Qualifications and experience

Bachelor’s degree in Public Health (key), International development or related field with minimum of 5 years of demonstrated experience in Public Health, Development or any related field. Master’s degree will be an added advantage.

Strong experience in public health and development programs is crucial. This may include working with international organizations, government agencies, NGOs, or other relevant institutions. Knowledge of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria, and other infectious diseases is highly desirable.


Excellent understanding of the country’s governance structures and decision-making processes, as well as the ability to navigate them effectively to facilitate meaningful engagement and ensure accountability.

Strong demonstration of cultural sensitivity and the ability to work effectively with individuals from different backgrounds to promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Strong organizational and administrative skills to manage the TNCMs administrative functions, including maintaining records, preparing reports, and coordinating meetings

Good knowledge of Global Fund processes: Global Fund’s policies, procedures, and reporting requirements is important. Knowledge of the Global Fund’s funding model, grant application process, and country coordination mechanisms is beneficial.

Strong ability to analyze complex issues, identify problems, and develop innovative solutions is valuable. Strong critical thinking, strategic planning, and problem-solving skills are often necessary for success in this role.

Experience and good knowledge of operational procedures, grant management, including proposal development, budgeting, fund disbursement, financial reporting, and compliance, is beneficial.

Excellent knowledge and use of various computer applications

Knowledge and understanding of the GFATM processes will be added advantage

Excellent working knowledge of written and spoken English and Swahili is essential.

C: Skills

Proven ability to communicate and interact with high-level officials from the government, NGOs, private sector and development partners.

Ability to compile, analyze and interpret complexity of programmatic and financial information.

Excellent networking, oral and written communication skills.

Ability to supervise and train others, including staff and organizational stakeholders.

Aptitude to work in donor-funded environment

D: Personal Qualities

Effective Team- Leader.

Able to work under pressure and to meet strict deadlines.

Able to synthesize information and communicate persuasively and appropriately to diverse audiences.

Conflict resolution skills.

Good communicator.


Interested applicants who fully meet the requirements, should send a cover letter and detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV) in pdf and email to: [email protected], no later than 10th August, 2023. The CV should include contact details of three professional references, one Being Your current Employer. Late submission of applications will not be accepted. Only Shortlisted candidates will be contacted.