Job Description

A records management officer works for an organization that has high records handling needs. They are required to bring records and files together, and then collate and punch them into a predefined system. The work is straightforward but requires great skills and effort.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Create and maintain effective relationships with team members in order to obtain the right information

• Obtain information from different departments and check it to ensure appropriateness

• Collate collected information, and categorize it according to set specifications

• Perform data entry work to ensure that all records are timely punched into the system

• Check each record to verify completeness and accuracy

• Oversee the management of electronic and paper information

• Identify and use appropriate records management systems and resources

• Set up and review data and records management systems

• Oversee the conversion of data from paper to electronic forms

• Deal with incoming inquiries, and provide appropriate feedback

• Ensure that all punched in data is adequately protected from internal and external threats

• Classify data according to indexing methods and protocols

• Ensure that data and records are easily accessible as and when needed

• Analyze data recording needs, and provide feedback on required systems and resources

• Ensure appropriate quality control within records management systems

• Retrieve data after ensuring that it will be delivered to the right people

• Resolve issues with records and data transfer processes

• Track and locate records by maintaining a central data list

• Oversee data migration activities, ensuring that data integrity is maintained at all costs

• Create and maintain reports on records management systems, resources, and activities

• Ensure the transfer of newly recorded or amended data to different departments within the company