These are exams provided to students as preparations for their Final National Exams.

Advantages of Mock Exams.

1. Self Analysis of One’s Own Abilities

With examinations, a person is able to know his level of Performance and Knowledge.

2. Tool for Learning and Working

Examination provides encouragement to people for Learning and Working.

3. Spirit of Competition

Examinations also create a sense of Competition which pushes the limit of a person’s ability to do more and to do best.

4. Development of Personality and Confidence

Spirit of Competition and Realization of Self -Analysis leads to the development of one’s Personality and Confidence.

5. Scholarships and Awards

Good Performance in Examinations brings Scholarships and Awards

6. Good Future

Good Grades translate into better Job Placement and remuneration

7. Examination Anxiety is Good

Anxiety due to examinations is good. It is a necessary part of life. The occurrence of Examinations prepares students to get used to the pressures of examinations, their mentality becomes much stronger.

8. Single Examination-Multiple Students

One can judge the progress of many students at once by holding a single Examination for all.

9. Easy Detection of Teaching Flaws

Examinations also measure a Teachers skills and flaws and if any subject should be re-taught or explained differently.


Disadvantages of Exams

1. Source of Stress and Pressure

Some people are burdened with stress with the onset of Examinations. The Stress of Performance creates Pressure for many.

2. Health Problems

Examinations also lead to various health problems like Headaches, Nausea, Loose Motions, V omitting etc.

3. Loss of Confidence

Failure in Exams leads to loss of confidence for many.

4. The tendency of Suicide

Failure in Examinations harbors Low Self Esteem which induces Tendency Of Suicide.

5. Breaking of Companionship

Competitive traits during Examinations sometimes leads to Peer Problems like ruined friendships, bonds etc.

6. Exams are a Formality

Students are unable to identify the real purpose of Examinations. For them passing their examinations is a formality for entering into good schools. Therefore they all are all learning just for the sake of a formality.

7. Pressure Creates Disinterest in Studies

Exhaustion, stress and other problems related to examinations create fear and hatred which in turn leads to loss of interest and faith in studies.

8. Examinations are not the Real Test

Examinations measure relatively superficial knowledge or learning which totally defeats the purpose of Examinations. A person with lees grades may turn out to be a successful person while a good grader may end up unsuccessful in life.

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