Leadership Opportunities


MSD Medipharm Manufacturing Company Limited is a wholly-owned company by the Medical Stores Department (MSD). The Company was incorporated on 18 April 2023 and is mandated to carry out business of production of various Health Commodities in Tanzania including manage, maintain and promote all investments portfolio; Conduct research on latest technologies for design and production of various health commodities; and develop in-depth skills, competency and expertize in the field of design and production of Health Commodities in order to maximize utilization of available opportunities.

The Chairperson of MSD Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that MSD Medipharm Manufacturing Company Limited is looking for interested individuals from diverse backgrounds to fill four (4) vacant Directors seats in the Governing Board.

Reporting, Tenure and Responsibilities

The Directors of the Governing Board shall report to the Board of Trustees of MSD. The directors will hold the office for three years and may be eligible for re­appointment for another term of three years unless otherwise disqualified to hold the office of Director of the Company by the Law or Articles of Association, resign or removed in such capacity by the MSD Board of Trustees

Major Responsibilities

  • Monitoring compliance with the relevant legislation and bylaws, and with the Organisation’s own policies as approved by the Board of Trustees of MSD;
  • Monitoring company performance and evaluating the achievement of the strategic and business plans and annual budget as approved by the MSD Board of Trustees;
  • Analyse and approve the Company’s short and long term plans;
  • Ensure the Company abides to all statutory requirements as related to the respective establishing laws;
  • Establish policies for effective management of the activities of the Company;
  • Approve annual budget of the Company and ensure the usage of funds is effectively managed and controlled;
  • Identify and monitor key risks and ensure the Company has effective systems of internal control to manage risk within acceptable parameters;

Minimum qualifications

  • A citizen of Tanzania of sound mind and not less than 35 years.
  • A minimum of Bachelor Degree from a recognised academic institution, with ten (10) years’ experience preferably from the following fields; business administration, pharmacy, biomedical science, chemistry, Laboratory, economics, finance, risk, law, engineering, environment, marketing and governance. Possession of Master Degree and PhD in relevant fields will be an added advantage.
  • The ability to make sensible and informed commercial decisions and recommendations and the ability to contribute an independent view to matters under consideration and to add value to Governing Board deliberations;
  • Must have knowledge of the sector especially Company’s role in the industry and issues affecting the health commodities production sector in Tanzania;
  • Previous experience in Board seating.

Key attributes:

Visionary, High Ethical Standards, and Entrepreneurial/Commercial Mindset. Application Instructions:

  • Covering letter explaining how you meet the requirements and the value you will add to the Governing Board not exceed 250 words in Ms Word or PDF.
  • Curriculum vitae which should not exceed 3 pages with referees.
  • Certified copies of relevant academic and professional certificates.
  • Application should be clearly marked “THE GOVERNING BOARD OF MSD MEDIPHARM MANUFACTURING COMPANY LIMITED” on top of the envelope and be addressed to:


Board of Trustees,

Medical Stores Department,

Off Nyerere Road, Keko Mwanga,

P O. Box 9081,


Closing date for receipt of applications is 10th July, 2023, at 1530 hrs