Graphics Designer Job Vacancy Mwanza -Tanzania

Villages of Hope: Africa Society (VOH Africa) is a Canadian charitable organization registered with the CRA (Registration #84950 3073 RR0001) bringing hope to children in need throughout Africa. We have 10 villages located in 5 countries and our programs provide education, nutrition, shelter, and healthcare to over 7,000 children.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to bring lasting hope to orphans and vulnerable children throughout Africa by providing them with holistic (emotional, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual) and loving care so they can embrace adulthood as contributing members of society.

Our vision is that all children are loved and cared for.

About The Position

The ideal candidate will have strong creative skills and a portfolio of work which demonstrates their passion for illustrative design and typography. This candidate will have experiences in working with numerous different design platforms such as digital and print forms.


As a Graphics Designer, your primary responsibility will be to create compelling and effective designs for digital and print media. You will be required to:

  • Collaborate with the team to ensure consistency of designs across various media outlets: You will work closely with other team members to ensure that all designs created align with the company’s brand guidelines, and maintain consistency in style, tone, and messaging across all communication channels.
  • Create compelling and effective logos, designs, print and digital media: Your designs will play a crucial role in communicating our brand and messaging to our target audience. You will be responsible for developing creative and visually appealing designs for our website, social media platforms, marketing materials, and other communication channels.
  • Maintain awareness of current industry and technology standards, social media, competitive landscape and market trends: As a Graphics Designer, you must stay up to date with current industry trends and design techniques to ensure that our designs remain fresh and innovative. You should be able to incorporate new technologies and design tools into your work to deliver exceptional results.

• Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design or related field: This refers to a four-year undergraduate degree in graphic design or a related field such as visual arts, multimedia, or web design. A bachelor's degree provides students with a foundational understanding of design theory, color theory, typography, and design software.

• 2-4 years of experience in graphic design: This refers to the candidate's professional work experience in graphic design or a related field. A candidate with 2-4 years of experience is considered to have a good understanding of design principles and has had time to develop their design skills.

• Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite: Adobe Creative Suite is a collection of design software that includes programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. The ideal candidate should have a good understanding of these programs and be able to use them effectively to create designs.

• Strong communication, conceptual thinking, typography skills and design skills: Communication skills are essential for a Graphic Designer as they need to communicate with clients, team members, and other stakeholders to understand their design needs and explain their design choices. Conceptual thinking involves the ability to think abstractly, come up with new ideas, and solve problems creatively. Typography skills refer to the ability to choose appropriate fonts and arrange them in a visually appealing way. Design skills encompass a range of abilities including layout, color theory, composition, and visual hierarchy.

• Portfolio of work: A portfolio is a collection of a candidate's best design work. It serves as evidence of their design skills, creativity, and experience. A portfolio typically includes a variety of design projects, such as logos, brochures, posters, and websites, showcasing the candidate's range of design abilities.

How To Apply