Title: Head Teacher

Direct Reports : School Administration Manager

Dotted Line Manager: School Director / Senior Pastor

Summary of the Head Teachers Roles and Responsibilities:

·       Providing the school with an educational vision.

Design school’s aims and objectives and implement policies.

·       Developing and maintaining school policies and rules.

·       Ensure school policies, rules and regulations are adhered by student and staff in collaboration with discipline coordinator.

·       Supervise and evaluate school policy effects and take action where necessary.

·       Design and implement strategies for school growth and development.

·       Develop creative and responsive approaches to teaching and learning in collaboration with academic coordinator.

·       Design and Implement Parent and teachers meetings : develop agendas, arrange for speakers and meeting minutes with parents.

·       Manage staff attendance to work; ensure staff sign in and sign out after work

·       Handle emergency cases and safety procedures in collaboration with security guards.

·       Plan, support and assess individuals and teams’ work to ensure task delegation.

·       Ensure a reasonable teacher-staff school work balance.

·       Sustain staff performance management effective systems and incorporate teachers’ appraisals and targets for School’s achievement.

·       The motivation, management, and discipline of staff.

·       Making sure that teachers have access to important educational resources

·       Overseeing the recruitment process within the school

·       Creating and maintaining a positive, organized, and rewarding teaching and learning environment.

·       Listening to staff and students about issues in the school and reacting accordingly.

·       Organizing school events, ensure teachers design and implement students extracurricular/learning activities.

·       Keeping up to date with new educational innovations and technologies. Manage school social medias accounts and make them active (What’s app groups, Facebook, Instagram and Website)

·       Making sure that parents are informed about school news and their child’s development.

·       Reporting the school’s performance and developments to the local community

·       Resolving major behavioural issues with students.

·       Working with the police and other emergency services to ensure the safety of everyone on the school grounds.

·       Ensure students and staff safeguarding .

·       Ensure school environment is clean, attractive and environmental conservation.

·       Contribute to fundraise for school charity activities


 Summary of the Responsibilities as teacher:

·       Responsible for carrying out the professional duties at school in accordance with the school’s policies, under the direction of the Administration Manager and Director/ Senior Pastor.

·       Teacher must place student learning as their highest priority.

·       Teacher is responsible for ensuring effective learning in a context in which students feel understood, safe and confident.

·       Teacher must use a constructivist approach, and follow the English Medium curriculum programmes.

·       Teacher should support a diverse range of learning needs, and actively promote international-mindedness.


Teacher is responsible for “challenging, inspiring and supporting all our students to fulfil their potential and improve the world.”

·       Contribute to school growth and inspire parents to enroll their Children's


Planning and Organization: Teachers will display developed planning and organizational skills:
(a) Construct written units and lesson plans to guide teaching.
(b) Develop new methods and materials to meet changing curriculum needs

Instructional Techniques: Teachers will demonstrate the use of a variety of teaching methods that support and exemplify the values of Ufalme Schools:
(a) Utilize effective assessment techniques to facilitate student growth
(b) Display a thorough understanding of typical developmental characteristics of the taught age group.
(c) Use a variety of instructional methods, and differentiate effectively to facilitate different learning styles for children and abilities.
(d) Actively review, reflect and revise subjects for improvement.
(e) Establish high, but attainable, learning expectations that are clear to all.

Classroom Management and Organization:
Teacher will maintain a positive and stimulating classroom environment through effective classroom management skills:
(a) Actively engage children in learning activities

(b) Manage classroom routines consistently and effectively.
(c) Maintain an orderly learning environment.
(d) Maintain a positive social and emotional tone in the classroom.
(e) Establish high, but attainable, behavioral expectations that are clear to all.
(f) Provide engaging, dynamic and student-centered classroom environment.
(g) Assessment and Reporting: Teachers will use a wide variety of appropriate student assessments.
(h) Assess skills and concept understanding frequently and appropriately for different developmental levels and learning styles.
(i) Maintain clear assessment records

Professional Responsibilities: Teachers will display a professional attitude and ethic.
(a) Consistently meet the Ufalme Schools Norms of Collaboration, center responsibilities, deadlines and working hours.
(b) Seek professional development opportunities and willingly share professional knowledge with colleagues.
(c) Actively participates in school meetings, in-service presentations, assemblies and school events.
(d) Communicates and plans in a positive, collaborative manner.
(e) Dresses in a professional manner.

Contributions to the Wider Life of the School:

Teachers will contribute to the wider life of the school:
(a) Supervise students outside of the classroom in an active manner.
(b) Work with the administration to help foster a positive school culture.

(c) Contribute to school initiatives, such as working committees, extra-curricular activities, assemblies, school events

Preferred Qualifications and Experience
(a) Experience: 3+ years of teaching and School Leadership experience
(b) Must have a Bachelor Degree in Education and other relevant teaching and leadership certification. Business Administration qualification or Masters’ Degree will be an added advantage.
(c) Fluently speaking and writing English

(d) Awareness of Government of Tanzania education rules, regulations and compliances.

(a) Excellent communication skills in spoken and written form
(b) Sound decision making, solutions focused,
(c) Knowledge of child protection and health and safety
(d) Willingness and ability to work collaborate effectively with colleagues
(e) Highly effective relationship developer with a variety of stakeholders
(f) Knowledge of English Medium Standards and Practices

Personal Attributes:
(a) Collaborative team player, empathetic listener
(b) Integrity and confidentiality
(c) Strategic thinker, able to convert vision into action
(d) Internationally minded, emotional intelligence
(e) Intercultural awareness, creative, persuasive
(f) Flexible and capable of managing growth and instilling high standards
(g) Adept in multilingual settings, spirited, pioneering, professional and nurturing Responsibilities

Effective Communication:
Teacher will use effective personal and professional communication skills:
(a) Set an example and encourage socially acceptable behavior eg: correct usage of language and manner.
(b) Maintain a professional and positive tone in both oral and written communication with children, colleagues and parents.
(c) Use appropriate writing for school communications, editing as necessary.
(g) Provide free and easy communication between home and school using diaries, phone call etc.

 How to Apply:

Send your cover letter, CV and copies of certificate through [email protected]. Deadline 30th April 2023.

Only successful candidates will be contacted. 

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