WCB CEO, Diamond Platnumz and his signee Zuchu are on the Tanzania Music Awards nominee list for the first time after a six-year hiatus, the awards ceremony is set to be held on April 29, 2023 at The Superdome Masaki, Dar es Salaam.

The ‘Sukari’ singer has been nominated in ‘Best female Bongo Flava Singer of the Year’, ‘Best Bongo Flava song of the year’, ‘Best Music Video of the Year’, ‘Best Female Music Performer of the year’, ‘Best song of the year” and ‘Best Female Musician of the year’.

From the numbers of categories, Zuchu beat Nandy who appeared in only two categories which are the ‘Best Female musician of the year and Best Female Bongo Flava singer of the year.

However, the former WCB and Next Level Music label CEO Rayvanny brings diamond in the award through their collaboration ‘Nitongoze’ nominated as ‘Best Collaboration song of the year’.

Apart from that, Rayvanny nominated for the ‘Best Music Video of the year’ Best Male musician of the year’ and ‘Best song of the year’.

The announcement was made on April 6, 2023 at Dodoma where the Minister of Arts, Culture and Sports, Ms Pindi Chana opened the voting of the nominees that will take place from Saturday, April 8 to April 28.

“The next step is now to vote for the artists who are running for nominees in the selected categories. So, Tanzanians, now let's stay in that position to see who we should vote for. We will spend about three weeks voting,” said Chana.

Commenting on that, she says the voting process will be of two ways, using the digital way and short message.

“We will have a digital system through a link, as known Tanzaniamusicaward.info and the second way will be to use the SMS method, we want every Tanzanian to have the right to participate. The number is 0733899765. So I urge you to come out in large numbers to vote for the selected artists,” she added.

Here are the full nominees of 2022 TMA

Best Male Hip-hop of the year

Kala Jeremiah - Kumbuka

Puuh - Billnass ft. Jaymelody

One Call Away - Country Wizzy

Tawile - Fid Q ft. Rich Mavoko

Tanzanite - Joh Makini ft. Jay Rox

Best Female Hip Hop of the year

Witirialdo - Witness Kibonge Mwepesi

Bibi Titi Vol. 1 - Trixy Tonic

Hapa - Ge2

New Material - Chemical

Blue Print - Rosa Ree

Best Hip Hop song of the year

Blue Print - Rosa Ree

New Material - Chemical

Tanzanite - Joh Makini

Mbabe - Trixy Tonic

Kumbuka - Kala Jeremiah

Best Female Bongo Fleva Singer of the year

Sitaki Mazoea - Shilole

Siwezi - Nandy

Kwikwi - Zuchu

Tai Chi - Ruby

Nishazoea - Malkia Karen

Best Male Bongo Fleva Singer of the year

Ameloa - Harmonize

Huyu hapa - Mbosso

Do Do - Dully Sykes

Naogopa - Marioo ft. Harmonize

Asali – AliKiba

Best Bongo Fleva Song of the year

Upo Nyonyo - Phina

Tamu - Barnaba

Dunia - Harmonize

Kwikwi - Zuchu

Dear Ex – Marioo

Best Album of the year

The Kid You Know - Marioo

Made For Us - Harmonize

Love Sounds Different - Barnaba

Street Ties - Conboi Cannabino

Romantic EP – Kusah

Best Music Video of the year

Te Quiero - Rayvanny

Deka - harmonize_tz

Mwambieni - officialzuchu

Pita Huku - dullamakabila

Dear Ex - marioo_tz

Best Music video director of the year

Mapepo - Director Pozzer

Tunagombania Nini - Ochu Sheggy

Yanabomoka - Nassoro

In Love - Lummy

Freestyle - Kelly Film

Best Bongo Fleva Music Producer of the Year


Abbah process


Mesen Selekta

Kassumpa Machati

Best Collaboration Song of the Year

Sayuni - barnabaclassic ft. joellwaga

Champion - kontawaa ft. harmonize

Naogopa - marioo ft. harmonize

Demu Wangu - mejakunta ft. mabantu

Nitongoze - rayvanny ft. diamondplatnumz

Best Male Musician of the year






Best song of the year

Pita Huku – Dulla Makabila

Nakupenda - Jay melody

Nitaubeba - Harmonize

Kwikwi - Zuchu





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