Company Name:                  Asilia Lodges And Camps Ltd

Position:                              Assistant Sustainability And Positive Impact Coordinator

Department:                        Sustainability & Positive Impact

Reporting To:                      Sustainability Coordinator

At Asilia we aim to be an organization that offers Better Experiences and Strong Positive Impact

We give people joy and appreciation in iconic wildlife & wilderness areas in a way that makes a positive lasting impact on the environment and its people. Behind the scenes, we diligently build our operational, sustainable and marketing/sales capabilities and access to capital to enable scaling up the experience and impact.


As an Assistant Sustainability Positive Impact Coordinator your role is to support and assist Asilia Sustainability coordinator to Tanzania units with their Sustainability agenda on Training and implementing best practices to a required standards and be a link between camps and field operations

This Job Description is your guide to achieving these objectives by outlining your daily duties & responsibilities.  WE BELIEVE IN BETTER!!





  • Assisting all camps comply to the sustainability & Health and safety policy.
  • Assisting all issues in operational audits are being worked on, going through with the manager to set their next targets of what to achieve and working towards the next level and compiling the tangible reporting.
  • Assisting on facilitating Environmental Eco audits from all governmental organisation/institution in all Asilia Tanzania camps /follow up on the KEY issues arising after the Audits.
  • Assisting to facilitate Responsible Tourism Tanzania Audits (RTTZ) and maintain the standards to all Asilia camps.
  • Assisting other departments on making sure-ALL camps/Managements follow H&S policy, Sustainability policy and Procurement policy.
  • Ensuring all unit’s monthly utility reports are timely reported and communicated back for any queries and carry out training as required to ensure compliance.
  • Comparing units fuel usage/KwH consumed and Gas consumption relating to the actual number of bed night at each unit.
  • Assisting to Research ‘best practice’ and ensure Asilia is at the cutting edge.  Present proposals to the company and Sustainability Coordinator
  • Researching for a best way of recycling waste produced by the company and engaging with registered recyclers for compliances.
  • Working close to central stores- Ensuring all waste received from all units- well stored/Sorted and circulated to the recyclers as per the requirements.


Camp Checks – Travelling to camps checks.

  • Sustainability standards and issues
  • Eco warrior regular training to perform their daily duties.
  • Assisting on camp staff training and drive company sustainability & Positive Impact/Conservation practices agenda and least twice a year.
  • Organizing external training from Recyclers and other organization if required
  • Availability of all Eco signs to all camps
  • Availability of all Safety signs to all units
  • Availability of all Health & Safety sign to all Asilia camps before the season starts.
  • Waste separation and compost pit are well managed and the units maintaining the standards.
  • Close working with Style & Standard to ensure required signs are delivered timely.
  • Going through operational audits and helping set targets for the next achievement.
  • Motivating camp units’ managements & Staff- that Environmental & Sustainability agenda responsibility becomes a culture to everyone daily routine.


  • Facilitating the local vegetable garden – e.g. Taste of Serengeti vegies garden operates to the required standards and assisting them on their requirements,
  • Facilitating and ensuring Asilia Rubondo farm-produces most required vegies at Rubondo Island camp and reduces outsourcing.
  • Implementing new ideas on to other communities to have vegies garden projects.
  • Ensuring Asilia Camps close to the vegies garden are supporting by buying organic locally and it is recorded.
  • Assisting Sustainability coordinator on Asilia scholarship interviews and recruitment
  • Assisting to coordinate the rehabilitations kids from the Asilia approved communities to attend the clinic at the Friends of Plaster house
  • Facilitating & Organizing casuals/Askaries from local communities to work with Asilia camps.
  • Building and maintaining good relationship with the local communities Asilia are engaged as per the company standard.
  • Collecting and compiling datas of the schools’ requirements/need to build teachers capability and students studying motivational.

Travel Requirement

  • Travel to each camp in Tanzania for at least two to three days twice annually. Produce a report with actions, share with unit managers and Sustainability Coordinator.
  • Travel to local communities for schools’ data gathering and share for implementations.

Key Requirements:

  • Interest in systems and procedures
  • Interest in Asilia sustainability Agenda.
  • Role model and support to all Asilia units
  •  Interest in learning new things and implementing best practices.
  • Interest in travelling.




  • At least 2 years’ experience in the same role
  • Bachelor’s degree in Environment, Community Development, and any other related field
  • Good organizational and logistic skills
  • Training Skills
  • Logistics/resupply
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Technical basics on Generators, electrics. Plumbing, sewage
  • Financial understanding
  • Environmental and its aspects
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office and related software as well as other accounting software programs.
  • Ability to work independently and in a fast-paced environment.
  • Ability to anticipate work needs and interact professionally with customers.
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.


Please send your application and resume in only one Pdf document not later than 14th April 2023 to [email protected]

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.





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