Here are the Ultimate List of Top 10 Mobile App Marketing Tools.

1. Apptentive

Apptentive was created to make it simpler for companies to develop stronger relationships with their customers. They found that most tools were either reactive or too pushy. They wanted to use software to create an enjoyable experience for firms to not only begin conversations with their clients, but also listen to them, react accordingly, and utilize insights obtained to develop more customer-centric skills.

Appentitive’s solution includes shifts in emotion from consumer experience to get back customers and activates fans at scale. Using machine-powered knowledge and specific targeting, Apptentive assists business brands to capture actionable sentiments and review from the 90 percent of customer voices typically missed and instantly converts that feedback into action.

2. Localytics

Localytics’ purpose is to set people at the core of brands’ digital engagement – giving personalization and meaningfulness in all activities. They aspire to be the secret behind the digital businesses that brands have with their clients, helping them to create strong, more successful associations.

Some of the world’s best-known names, including Bose, HSN, The Weather Channel, Comcast, and Fidelity, use Localytics to do what everyone understands is possible. However, there is no different solution that has been able to solve: How to use intelligence and data to make every client feel appreciated and valued.

3. Tapstream

The world’s biggest apps depend on Tapstream to scale and optimize their app marketing. It helps app creators in all verticals understand who their most loyal users are, where they are from, and how to get more users like them.

Tapstream cuts down all metrics on a per-campaign basis. See the firm’s engagement, conversion rate, and LTV for every channel. Measure how LTV varies between virally-acquired users, competing for mobile ad networks, and even different social sites. All this data is shown in a simple cohort examination report, making Tapstream’s dashboard your new best friend. Moreover, Tapstream campaigns will also display in iTunes Connect App Analytics.

4. Google AdMob

AdMob makes getting revenue simple with in-app install ads, actionable insights, and reliable, easy to use tools that improve your app business. As one of the biggest global advertising networks, it can fulfill your ad requests from everywhere in the world. Maximize the value of every pattern across all the systems with the latest monetization technology. AdMob assists in transforming the hard work into earnings from around the world with traits like multiple currency support, high fill rates, and country-level mediation.

It also helps you to connect your app to Firebase to open new insights that will assist you in gaining more and making more useful apps. Businesses can even build customers in Firebase to segment their users, then view results to understand which ones are earning them the most profit.

AdMob offers quicker analytics and reporting traits such as ad request level revenue information straight in Google Analytics for Firebase so that the business can make more suitable choices for their app.

5. AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer offers you the tools you need so that you can drive your marketing success. Since a business can only trust its marketing outputs if it’s confident with the data input, AppsFlyer works hard to bring the most accurate attribution data within the industry. It also allows you as a marketer or business owner to attribute every touchpoint within the user journey. The accuracy of the data ensures that marketers can deliver reliable results.

The platform allows you to engage your customers or users where and when it matters most. You can measure ad spend as well as app engagement to that you identify your true marketing ROI; you can protect the ad spend against mobile fraud using tools provided in the platform. AppsFlyer brings different tools that business owners and marketers can use, including OneLink that helps with link building, Protect 360 that prevents fraud in mobile ads and Audiences, that helps segment and manage audiences from a central point. Therefore, AppsFlyer comes with a marketing stack of tools to improved performance in marketing and advertising.

The platform empowers you to consider a holistic view of the customer or user journey across different channels and devices or platforms.

6. AppFigures

Appfigures is a reporting platform for mobile application creators that makes all of your worldwide reviews, app store sales, ad data, and hourly rank updates into one spontaneous and informative recording solution collectively.

Appfigures incorporates all of the data that’s related to your apps in one suitable place. It automatically sends your reports, baking them into comprehensive charts and statistics that quickly make sense. Appfigures even emails your statistics to you, taking the app store to your inbox. Appfigures also examines all App Stores around the world, tracking your apps’ reviews and ranks, linking all of your data to view clearly.

7. Firebase

Firebase is an A/B testing tool that allows businesses to optimize their app experience by making it easier to not only run and analyze but also scale product and marketing experiments. The tool gives a business owner the power to be able to test changes occurring to their app’s user interface (UI), engagement campaigns, and app features to find out if they produce results like increased revenue and customer retention before rolling out the app or website product.

A/B testing works along with Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) to help test various marketing messages. It also works together with Remote Config to help test changes occurring within an app. According to Gartner, customer experience is a battlefield for many businesses. Therefore, businesses need to discover unique ways to keep their customers engaged and improve their engagement experience.

With Firebase A/B testing, it helps you determine the most effective wording as well as messaging settings you can employ to bring users into your app or website. It allows you to find better ways in which you can re-engage your users. A business can safely roll out new features within its app or website because it has been tested. Firebase A/B testing gives you an opportunity to work with a small subset of users first to test things out before you can roll out new features of a website or application. It is a crucial tool because it will allow you to boost your level of customer engagement.

8. Mixpanel

A product analytics tool Maxipanel, helps you to convert leads, engage your customers, and retain them. It allows you to use data to help grow your business. The use of out-of-the-box reports makes it easy for your teams to develop reports that help monitor the key performance indicators (KPIs) and dig deeper to analyze the behaviors of users in order to deliver better campaigns and products. It allows your business to find out why customers are behaving the way they do with the use of data science.

Mixpanel data models help identify behavioral changes in users and report that to you so that you can be able to discover what drives your key performance indicators up or down. This way, you can take appropriate action. You can easily discover what behaviors are leading to a particular goal, for example, a purchase – how are your customers behaving before they can make a purchase? How do they behave when you upsell them, or what is making them loyal to your brand?

The tool can allow you to boost the performance of marketing campaigns by allowing you to target specific user groups or segments.

9. App Annie

App Annie is a tool that helps you reach, engage, and convert leads. It allows you to gain deep knowledge regarding your market so that you can make informed decisions and launch campaigns successfully on your website or app. You can navigate complex decisions like app store optimization, user acquisition, and monetization in a confident manner.

The app provides a thorough app market data that helps you maximize the returns on investment of your mobile campaigns. You can reach your target audience through mobile so that you engage them. Using in-depth data that the app gathers regarding patterns and interests, market trends, ad network performance, competitive strategies, and other elements, you can create a targeted advertising campaign to help maximize your ad dollars.

10. is a tool that helps businesses to increase mobile revenue-building enterprise-grade links to help acquire users, engage them, and measure their actions in different devices, channels as well as platforms. It will ensure that you have a better performance within each channel across email, ads, apps, and web.

The tool will handle all the complexities associated with links allowing you to get better results. It allows your links to work across each platform as well as channels. Your users can be delivered precisely where you want them. For example, the users can be directed to land on the landing page, product page, or shopping cart page. is also able to capture every customer touchpoints within the different platforms, channels, and operating systems (OS).


Now that you know about the top 10 app marketing tools for mobile success, you can pick the application that seems best for you and get your work done efficiently as well as quickly and correctly according to your preference.