97'|Game end

End of the match. The match ends with a victory for Venezuela. Goals by José Martínez and Rondón help to gain good sensations against Saudi Arabia.
4:01 PM3 hours ago

90'|Six added

We reach the 90th minute. Six minutes are added. We will go to the 96th minute
4:01 PM3 hours ago

86'|Baroja stops

What a save by the Venezuelan goalkeeper. Baroja saves what would have been the equalizer. We reached the end of the match...
3:55 PM3 hours ago

81'|Venezuela approaches

The Venezuelans keep coming. Torregrossa put in a good cross but failed to make contact with any teammate. Venezuela continues to win by the minimum.
3:53 PM3 hours ago

72'|Salem's goal

Goal for Saudi Arabia. Salem scores to close the gap. They still have time to come back.
3:50 PM3 hours ago

69'|Sosa tries

Sosa shot from outside the area but the shot goes wide. Venezuela wants more. We enter the last stretch of the match
3:49 PM3 hours ago


Double change in both teams. For Venezuela, José Martínez and Rincón come on for Torregrossa and Junior Moreno. For Saudi Arabia, Alkhaibari and Albishi come on.
3:24 PM3 hours ago

57'|Osorio on the ground

Osorio is on the ground. The defender has stuck his cleats in the neck area. Medical assistance enters the field of play.
3:14 PM3 hours ago

46'|Second half

The second half begins. Venezuela has the advantage and Saudi Arabia has 45 minutes to at least equalize.
2:52 PM4 hours ago


The first half is over. Venezuela goes to the break with a two-goal lead. José Martínez and Rondón scored the goals.
2:50 PM4 hours ago

43'|Goal disallowed

José Martínez scored but the referee flagged for offside. The score was still 0-2. Three minutes to go
2:48 PM4 hours ago

40'|Five minutes

Five minutes left in the first half. Venezuela continues to press and wants to increase the differences
2:42 PM4 hours ago

34'|Rondón's goal

Goooool by Rondón. Second goal for Venezuela. Good momentum for the Venezuelans. Rondón scores and takes the lead for Venezuela.
2:39 PM4 hours ago

26'|José's goal

Goooool by José Martínez. A goal for Venezuela to take the lead in the match. The Venezuelans were arriving a lot and managed to take the lead in the scoreboard
2:37 PM4 hours ago

17'|Second yellow

Second yellow card of the match. Saudi Arabia are now shown the yellow card. Saud Abdulhamid is shown the yellow card.
2:35 PM4 hours ago


First yellow card of the match. Osorio sees it for Venezuela. The tie continues
2:33 PM4 hours ago

0'|Meeting begins

The friendly match between Venezuela and Saudi Arabia kicks off. The ball is already in play...
2:32 PM4 hours ago

Venezuela lineup

Batista will start with the following line-up. Baroja, González, Chancellor, Osorio, Navarro, Bello, José Martínez, Rincón, Sosa and Rondón.
2:30 PM4 hours ago

Saudi Arabia lineup

Renard will start with the following line-up. Mohammed, Saud, Ahmed, Al Bishi, Moteb, Husain, Kanno, Firas, Salem, Ghareeb and Camara.
1:44 PM5 hours ago

We already have the line-ups

Less than fifteen minutes to go until kickoff and both coaches have already selected their starting lineups. Let's start with Saudi Arabia's lineup.
1:33 PM5 hours ago


The match between Saudi Arabia vs Venezuela will be played at Prince Abdullah al-Faisal Stadium. The match will start at 20:00 Spanish time. 
1:28 PM5 hours ago

Who will win?

Less than an hour to go before the match between Saudi Arabia vs Venezuela. Who will win the match between Saudi Arabia vs Venezuela?
1:28 PM5 hours ago

They are already at the stadium

A short while ago, both teams arrived at the stadium. They will soon start the warm-up exercises in preparation for the match. There is nothing left for the start of this friendly match.
1:28 PM5 hours ago

We are here

Hello again. We are back to report on the match between Saudi Arabia vs Venezuela in a friendly match. Follow the online broadcast of this match at VAVEL 
7:00 AM12 hours ago

Stay tuned for live coverage of Saudi Arabia vs. Venezuela

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Saudi Arabia vs Venezuela live, as well as the latest information coming out of Arabia. Stay tuned to VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage of the match.
6:55 AM12 hours ago

Possible Venezuela line-up

Venezuela may field the following starting eleven. Graterol, Gonzalez, Chancellor, Ferraresi, Makoun, Romero, Rincon, Savarino, Juanpi, Torregrossa and Rondon.
6:50 AM12 hours ago

Saudi Arabia's possible lineup

Saudi Arabia may field the following starting eleven. Nawaf, Aboulshamat, Ziyad, Qasim, Ahmed, Masoud, Riyadh, Turki, Musab, Sumayhan and Mohammed.
6:45 AM12 hours ago

Match Schedule

This is the start time of the game Saudi Arabia vs Venezuela  of 24th March 2023 in several countries:

Argentina: 4:00 PM,
Bolivia: 4:00 PM.
Brasil: 4:00 PM.
Chile: 4:00 PM.
Colombia: 2:00 PM.
Ecuador: 2:00 PM.
USA (ET): 3:00 PM.
Spain: 8:00 PM,
Mexico: 1:00 PM.
Paraguay: 4:00 PM.
Peru: 4:00 PM.
Uruguay: 4:00 PM.
Venezuela: 3:00 PM.