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Four Seasons Serengeti is located deep in the heart of the world’s most celebrated wildlife reserves, where the Big Five – the lion, the leopard, the buffalo, the elephant and the rhinoceros – run free on the endless, untamed landscape. Perched on a series of elevated platforms and walkways, our Lodge sits next to an animal watering hole, where our guests can watch a family of elephants stop for their morning drink. Under the constant protection of local Maasai tribespeople, our guests can go on an exhilarating game drive, or soar high in the sky on a hot-air balloon safari.

Work Authorization: Open for Tanzanian Nationals

Four Seasons looking for a Finance Clerk. This position reports for the Finance Manager. and will be responsible to Maintain a system of purchase orders, receipts, invoices and cheque requests in order to promptly and adequately support, document and process for payment all hotel payables. Ensure that all vendors are paid according to the agreed terms and to Four Seasons policies and procedures. Control all House Funds, and issue, audit and maintain all House Banks according to Four Seasons Hotels policies and procedures. 
The Finance Clerk is responsible for the verification and reporting of hotel daily transactions. Control all third party posting on guest folio and handle all transaction related to tax collection. 


  • Maintain alphabetical files by vendor containing complete invoices and backup attached to the bank transfer form for efficient access after payment.  All filing is to be kept current. 
  • Ensure all payments are made correctly and with the correct authorization (approved PO), evidence of receipt, invoice or delivery slip and Accounts Payable stamp. 
  • Process all Accounts Payable invoices and bank transfer through the computer system. 
  • Complete wire authorization forms for wire transfer and ensure it is signed by two authorized signatories (from Groups A & B) and ensure all applicable backup supports the transfer. 
  • Ensure all standing orders for electronic disbursements are approved in accordance with the normal payment procedures and signed by the cheque signatories. 
  • Verify and process Expense Reports and Petty Cash reimbursements ensuring compliance with key controls. 
  • Forward all stop payment and void cheques to the Staff Accountant / Assistant Director of Finance for journalizing.  Reconcile vendor statements as they are received, with reconciling items, including any correspondence from the vendor clearly indicated and resolve all discrepancies directly with the vendor. 
  • Prepare manual cheques and online payment as they are required if directed by Director of Finance or Assistant Director of Finance. 
  • Run the required reports at month end to close the Accounts Payable cycle. 
  • Ensure all goods received and services provided, but not yet invoiced, are properly accrued and expensed and that the outstanding liabilities for other accruals are accurate and agree to all supporting documentation. 
  • Verify that all invoices are supported by duly approved purchase orders when required, signed receiving documentation and/or the approval of authorized management personnel. 
  • Verify prices, quantities and extensions against purchase order as required, and initial the invoice when verified.  Bring any discrepancies to the attention of the Assistant Director of Finance. 
  • Understand tax laws as it relates to VAT or sales tax, use tax, goods and services tax and year end processing ensuring compliance, submission and payment deadlines are met and ensure that all deductions and exemptions are properly documented. 
  • Ensure the correct sales / use tax is either paid to vendor or self assessed with payment processed on time to local, state, or other tax jurisdiction. 
  • Prepare journal entry for accrual of invoices received after closing and for goods and services received, but not yet invoiced. 
  • Maintain a separate file for purchases of all operating equipment items (china, glass, silver and linen) and capital items under the direction of the Assistant Director of Finance. 
  • Ensure all local and corporate policies, rules, internal controls and procedures and safeguards are in place, as they relate to House Banks. 
  • Retrieve deposit envelopes from the drop safe for processing, accompanied by a Security Officer or the Director of Finance's designate. 
  • Audit cashiers’ daily deposits and prepare the daily hotel deposit. 
  • Count, balance, organize and monitor own Bank and safe. 
  • Process foreign currencies in accordance to local policy. 
  • Prepare and distribute Cashiers’ due backs.  
  • Prepare the Daily Cash Report. 
  • Issue Cashier Banks and assign safety deposit boxes for safekeeping of the Banks. 
  • Prepare and maintain a log on all issued House Banks. 
  • Make petty cash disbursements according to established guidelines. 
  • Collect/Audit paperwork from all revenue centers in the hotel ensuring accuracy and compliance with Four Seasons’ Internal Controls and local hotel polices. 
  • Ensure that accurate room revenue is captured, recorded and posted. 
  • Ensure that accurate F&B outlet revenue, Banquet Food and Beverage Revenue and F&B Miscellaneous Revenue is fully captured, recorded and posted. 
  • Monitor and record all house account meals and entertainment expenses and report any non-compliance to the Assistant Director of Finance for follow up with the hotel management. 
  • Balance income against the respective ledger balances in the PMS system (guest ledger, city ledger and deposit ledger) and any discrepancies are corrected as identified and brought to the attention of Assistant Director of Finance. 
  • Verify credit card settlements and transmissions to receipts in bank and outstanding balances are traced for future receipt and ensure exceptions are investigated and anomalies are brought to the Assistant Director of Finance or Assistant Director of Finance attention. 
  • Update credit card reconciliations on a daily basis that agree to transmissions and receipts; where credit card numbers are stored electronically, no hard copy of the numbers should be retained on file. 
  • Perform monthly balance sheet reconciliations to ensure balances agree to the outstanding credit card balance per the credit card reconciliations. 
  • Ensure post-departure allowances with all applicable backup is approved and signed per local policy and included in the SR-5. 
  • Review the General Ledger accounts established to Record Room, Food & Beverage, Amusement and General Sales and Value Added Taxes. 
  • Audit paperwork from all cashiers in the hotel ensuring accuracy and compliance with Four Seasons’ Internal Controls and local hotel polices. 
  • Daily review and record all third party transactions (Air ticket, Hotel, Air balloon, Park fees, etc). 
  • Follow up with third party organization to ensure that all invoices are received during the same month of the revenue is generated.  
  • Prepare and coordinate the monthly reconciliations for all balance sheet accounts related to third party, ensuring all outstanding reconciling items are investigated and resolved satisfactorily. 
  • Ensure that every single bill checked out is properly fiscalized. 
  • Reconcile TRA settlements and ensure exceptions are investigated and anomalies are brought to the Assistant Director of Finance’s attention. 
  • Daily reconciliation of Tanapa and Ngorongoro cards for Park Fees. 
  • Participate in the physical inventory counts and the subsequent accuracy of count, price, and valuation. 
  • Get a working knowledge of all areas in Finance to ensure that coverage can be provided for employees on vacation or leave.   
  • Perform any additional duties as assigned by the Assistant Director of Finance or the Assistant Director of Finance. 
  • Maintain harmonious and professional relationship with co-workers, supervisors and all departments to promote effective receiving and pick up of goods received. 
  • Comply with Four Seasons’ Category One and Category Two Work Rules and Standards of Conduct as set forth in EmPact. 
  • Assist in other areas of the Accounting office as needed. 
  • Must be willing to work a flexible schedule in order to accomplish the required duties and be willing to assist in the absence of any member of the department.  
  • Follow all Accounting Policies & Procedures and Internal Controls in the performance of one’s duties. Be willing to assist with hotel or departmental initiatives as applicable. 
  • Participate in the annual circulating Operating Equipment inventory and assist in review and reconciling the discrepancies. 
  • Support the Hotel’s food hygiene, Safety Committee and Green initiatives.