WASCO ISOAF Tz is a Tanzania -incorporated company with its head office in Dar es Salaam and its plant in Nzega District, Tabora

Region. The Company has been contracted by the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) Project as a Thermal Insulation Contractor.

POSITION: Site Communication & Integration

Purpose of role

  • Facilitate communication, interface, and integration between and across different departments, functions and levels of the Wasco Isoaf workforce at the Thermal Insultation System (TIS) coating facility (CF) site in Sojo, Nzega District.
  • Ensure that there is adequate and timely flow of information about work proceedings, terms, requirements and decisions, and that all workers at all levels are informed and have adequate information to contribute to the confident, punctual, and safe execution of their work at the CF site.
  • Cultivate an appreciation among the workforce at site of how different activities and efforts by different personnel from diverse disciplines contribute to Wasco Isoaf delivering its contracted work scope successfully.


  • Motivate the workforce to function as a team.
  • Map existing official and non-official communication lines at site and how these function, and to which effect.
  • Identify all communication needs across the various work streams and operations at site.
  • Identify types of information that need to be disseminated, and who the originator/ owner of each type of information is.
  • Establish intra-departmental and activity interface lines.
  • Establish regular, ongoing vertical and horizontal communication lines between different aspects of site operations.
  • Disclose agreed and approved communication, information flows and interfaces to the entire workforce.
  • Establish open, transparent avenues through which the workforce can access procedures, decisions, protocols, information about events, Wasco Isoaf goals and progress updates including identifying key contact people that can be reached in regard to specific information types.
  • Establish regular instances for in-person exchange of information and ideas between different levels of the workforce, working on different aspects of the Wasco Isoaf scope.
  • Develop site communications based on clear, timely, accurate information and ensure information and messages are inclusively, systematically and consistently disclosed to all personnel.
  • Establish a forum to provide worker feedback to site management, and vice versa.
  • Establish a forum for regular cross-cultural events to systematically increase the workforce’s cultural intelligence.
  • Service the communication, interface and integration systems to ensure they function properly; adapt and improve these if they are not efficient or adequate to enable information flow, feedback loops, and a well-informed workforce empowered through information.

Qualification and Experience

  • Exceptional communication competence.
  • Ability to understand technical, engineering, industrial, construction environment and to translate technical content into understandable and accessible information.
  • Experience working in, leading and facilitating processes that enable and enhance understanding among multi-national and multi-cultural teams working in an industrial, construction and/ or high-demand production context.
  • Ability to act as broker of trust and to cultivate respect and appreciation among a diverse workforce.
  • Fully conversant in English and Swahili and preferably a third language.
  • High integrity and non-partial work ethic.


  • Site management
  • All departments/ function managers or site representatives

How to Apply:

Apply to: [email protected] Deadline: 24th February 2023