Duty station:

Ngongo/Tulieni-Nanenane ground (Lindi Region)


SWISSAID is a non-government organization headquartered in Switzerland with operations in nine countries. It operates in Tanzania since the 1970s with a focus on small scale farming, gender equality and extractives. Swissaid Tanzania currently works with a community of around 10000 small scale farmers and fish farmers in the southern regions of Mtwara and Lindi, through a selection of local partners. In line with SWISSAID Tanzania 2019-2024 country programme, the overarching objective is to improve sustainable rural livelihoods of smallholder farmers.

Areas of intervention on marine and fresh fish farming:

  • Extension services to fish farming communities’ sites selection for marine fish farming.
  • Extension services to marine fish farmers on best techniques in earthen ponds, dykes, and gates construction.
  • Extension services on tilapia farming, breeding, and acclimatizing from fresh water to marine water.
  • Extension services on fish farming management in terms of stocking rates, time to harvest, manuring, feeding and water exchanges on tidal basis.
  • Extension services on mangrove forest conservation and rehabilitation toward climatic changes adaptation and mitigation.

Regions of operation:

Field operations are mainly taking place in the regions of Mtwara, Lindi and Ruvuma, in close coordination and collaboration with the district and regional fishery and forestry offices.

Key duties and responsibilities of the Programme Officer:

  • Provide strategic and technical leadership in planning, development, budgeting, and implementation of Fish Farming Programme.
  • Provide leadership and management support to Programme Officer, Intern etc.
  • Consolidate the construction, maintenance and management of the ponds toward increased production and income.
  • Increase the knowledge of fish farmers on handling of the production of milkfish and tilapia and support the establishment of marketing networks.
  • Develop exit strategy in for programme sustainability
  • Provide technical backstopping on both marine and freshwater agro-ecological fish farming and conduct regular field visits to fish farmer groups, including in remote areas.
  • Coordinate other Income Generating Activities (IGAs) along the mangrove forests such as beekeeping.
  • Promote and use new and innovative technologies particular the use of smartphone applications.
  • Ensure project material on pond construction, milkfish and tilapia farming is updated, simplified and distributed to farmers as training aides, helping them to use this to make simple business and production plans.
  • Must be a competent motorcycle rider on long field distances along the coastal areas
  • Ability to work independently, multitasking and under pressure.
  • Develop simplistic performance monitoring tools as a basis to keep records of performance, stocking feed and manure inputs and water quality, and guide production accordingly.
  • Work with groups to prepare proposals for pond repairs and gate rehabilitation, provision materials, oversee construction, guide on designs and engineering, ensure photographic records keeping
  • Oversee tilapia hatchery pond developments and operations.
  • Develop production plans and targets, keep regular reports of events. Work closely with DFO Extension Agent, consulting Groups prepare quarterly progress reports against results and activities, reporting to quarterly Technical Project Meetings.
  • Establish good working relations and coordinate work with the District Fisheries Officer and other relevant stakeholders.
  • In collaboration with Swissaid gender focal point, provide support on mainstream gender throughout the project.
  • Contribute to the development of Country Annual Report by providing key achievements, lessons and challenges
  • Participate in the annual planning and budget process and reporting
  • Manage and support teams to deliver the programme plans, providing leadership, inspiration and guidance.
  • Ensure that the management of the teams is in line with SWISSAID HR policies and procedures.
  • Carry out any other work as needed to achieve results.

Qualifications and experience:

  • Hold a first university degree in fisheries, aquaculture and aquatic sciences, specialized in marine fish farming, Masters degree is an added advantage.
  • Demonstrated experience with project management and leadership, with capacity to effectively work with diverse communities along the coastal areas.
  • Interest and experience with grassroots communities in the marine and freshwater fish farming sector.
  • Practical experience and interest in working with multiple partners including the government, civil society organizations, academia, and the private sector.
  • A commitment to equal opportunities and promotion of gender equality and equity.
  • High level analytical skills, report and proposal writing skills in English.
  • Fluent in English and Swahili, must be computer literate.
  • Be focused on results, with strong work ethic and self-motivation.
  • Be a team player.

Duration of Employment

The post Programme Officer is One Year Fixed term contract, with probation period of 3 months. The contract will be renewed in case of availability of funds. Women are encouraged to apply.


Candidates should submit a letter of interest describing how they qualify for this position, a CV, two referees including the recent employer, contact phone numbers and email address.

The deadline for submitting the application is 10 March 2023.

NOTE: Interested applicants must indicate expected gross salary in Tanzania shillings

Send application to: [email protected] with a copy to [email protected]





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